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I teach at both graduate and undergraduate levels. My goal is to introduce students to the rich world of physics, its overall connectedness, and its relation with the mathematical language.

Problem of the Week

In this section I post interesting physics and math problems that go beyond typical coursework, but do not require any additional knowledge.

PHSX 535: Statistical Physics

Graduate course on Statistical Mechanics.

PHSX 519: Electrodynamics 1

First part of the Graduate course on Electricity and Magnetism. Electrostatics, Magnetostatics and introduction to time-dependent Maxwell equations.

PHSX 519: Electrodynamics 2

Time-dependent fields. 

PHSX 545: Condensed Matter 2

Advanced topics in solid state: Theory of Fermi liquid, Superconductivity, Superfluidity.

PHSX 555: Quantum Field Theory

 Classic Field Theory, Relativistic Quantum Mechanics, QED


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