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Our group investigates new aspects of superconductivity and superfluidity in 'extreme' environments. By extreme conditions we mean here systems where superconducting state is strongly modified compared with the undisturbed uniform state. Such environments may arise (a) when external magnetic fields act on the superconducting state; (b) superconducting phase appears in confined geometry (films,nanodots); (c) competing orders are present, most importantly magnetism. The new quasiparticle states that appear in these environments can manifest themselves through exotic symmetries and topological properties of the macroscopic states. This may give insight into the nature of the superconducting states in a a particular material, and lead to development of new technological applications.

Andreev Bound States

Superconductivity and Magnetism 

Superfluidity in Confined Geometry

Collective Modes in Condensates


This research is supported by:

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National Science Foundation & Research Corporation for Science Advancement through Cottrell Scholar Program