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Colloquium Schedule Fall 2014 - Spring 2015

Colloquiums are held on Fridays from 4:10 - 5pm, usually in EPS108 or EPS103 if a larger audience is anticipated. Refreshments are served prior to the talk at 3:45pm in the EPS second floor lobby. Come and join us for coffee or tea and cookies!

Spring Semester 2015



Title and Abstract


January 16 Dr. Sarah Jaeggli, MSU Physics The Weird Sun: Molecules in the Chromosphere and Large Magnetic Fields in a Sunspot Penumbra Jiong Qiu
January 23      
January 30 Dr. Shane Larson, CIERA/Northwestern University Department of Astronomy, Adler Planetarium GRAVITY AND LIGHT: Using multi-messenger astronomy to see the Cosmos  Ron Hellings
February 6 Dr. Chi-Shun Tu, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan Photovoltaic conversion in perovskite multiferroic ceramics Dr. Hugo Schmidt
February 13  
February 20 Dr. Irene Grimberg, Associate Research Professor, MSU A Window Into Informal Science Education Nico Yunes
February 27 Dr. Nico Yunes, Department of Physics, MSU The Extreme Gravity Institute Yves Idzerda
March 6 Dr. Niels Warburton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology The Self-force Approach to the General Relativistic Two-body Problem Laura Sampson
March 20 Dr. Anton Vorontsov, MSU Physics Superconductivity, the Universe, and Everything Jiong Qiu
March 27 Dr. Beverly Karplus Hartline, Vice Chancellor for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, Montana Tech. Attracting and Advancing Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering Randy Babbitt
April 10 -    
April 14 Dr. John Sample, Space Science Laboratory, University of California-Berkeley Special Colloquium: Radiation Belt Electron Losses: a Balloon's Perspective Charles Kankelborg
April 16 Dr. Michael Zemcov, California Institute of Technology Special Colloquium: Mapping the Large Scale Structure of the Cosmos from the Big Bang to the Present Charles Kankelborg
April 17 Dr. Andrew Hillier, Cambridge University Magnetic Rayleigh-Taylor Instability and Its Role in Solar Prominences David McKenzie
April 23 Dr. Marcin Pilinski, Atmospheric and Space Technology Research Associates, Boulder, CO Special Colloquium: Challenges and Solutions in Measuring the Low-Density Gases of Planetary Exospheres Charles Kankelborg
April 24 Dr. Jeff Morris, Levich institute at City College of New York Extreme Transitions of Flow Properties in Mixtures: Discontinuous Shear Thickening and Hydrate Jamming Ryan Anderson and Joe Seymour, COE
May 1 Dr. Reijo Pera, Office of Research and Economic Development , MSU Towards Understanding Mysteries of Our Own Development and Aging Jiong Qiu


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Fall Semester 2014



Title and Abstract


August 22      
August 29      
September 5 Dr Angela DesJardins, MSU Bozeman "Nationwide network of total solar eclipse high altitude balloon flights"  
September 12 Dr. Bennett Link, MSU Bozeman

"Giant Gamma-Ray Flares in Neutron Stars"

Dr. Jiong Qiu
September 19 Guillaume Gervais, McGill University, Montreal "Luttinger Liquid (1D) and Berry Phase (2D) in Cuprate Superconductors" Dr.Anton Vorontsov
September 26 Dr. Kathy Reeves, Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics "Happy Birthday Hinode: A Review of the Last Eight Years of Science from a Premiere Solar Physics Observatory" Dr McKenzie
October 3 Dr. Faramaz Davarian, JPL NASA's Deep Space Network. Tracking Spacecraft throughout the Solar System Dr. Loren Acton
October 10 Dr Anthony van Eysden "From pulsar glitches to atomic force microscopy" Dr Bennett Link
October 17 Justin Ellis, Einstein Fellow, JPL "Pulsar Timing Arrays: A Galactic Scale Gravitational Wave Detector" Dr Neil Cornish
October 24      
October 31      
November 7

Dr. Antoine Klein

"Gravitational waveforms for precessing binaries in the Fourier domain" Dr Nico Yunes
November 14 Dr. Brock LaMeres from ECE Dept., MSU "Online Learning in STEM - A Look at Limitations & Opportunities" Dr. Shannon Willoughby
November 21 Dr. James Wilking from ChemBioEng Dept, MSU "Bugs and Drugs: Flow and Mechanics in Composite Materials" Dr. Anton Vorontsov
November 28 THANKSGIVING    
December 5      
December 12 FINALS WEEK    



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