Johnathon is currently on a one year fellowship at the Advanced Light Source in Berkeley, California.


I am a fourth year graduate student at MSU. I grew up in Bend, OR and earned my Bachelor's degree at Oregon State University in 1998. I chose Montana State for graduate study because of their strong, diverse research program, and because Bozeman seemed like a good place to live. Since moving to Bozeman I have become involved with, and am currently secretary of Q-MSU , the campus LGBT group. When I have free time I also enjoy playing and STing a live action role playing (larp) game through a local chapter of The Camarilla(TM).

Past Research

As an undergraduate I did some work analyzing astronomical X-Ray images with F. Primini. At MSU I did some work on Smart Pixels with Randy Babbitt's group , but found that I had more interest in Condensed Matter and joined this group as of summer 2001. My first project was to restore, with the help of REU student Andy Keiser, our AFM system to working order. We did this and are currently able to obtain contact-mode images (see AFM or Contact AFM for more information) with resolution of a few nanometers.

Current Research

I am currently studying Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (EXAFS) and hope to do some analasys of these spectra in the near future. I am also continuing to examine the use of our AFM for use in Non-Contact and MFM scans.


I can be reached by e-mail at: