3B10  Transverse Pulses and Waves
            .10 Wave on a Rope
            .15 Tension Dependence of Wave Speed
            .16 Wave Speed
            .25 Pulse on Moving Chain
            .30 Torsional Waves
            .75 Pendulum Waves
3B20  Longitudinal Pulses and Waves
            .10 Longitudinal Slinky Waves
            .30 Longitudinal Wave Model
3B22  Standing Waves
            .10 Three Tensions Standing Waves
            .15 Rubber Tube Standing Waves
            .30 Standing Waves - Wave Machine
            .50 Slinky Standing Waves
            .60 Longitudinal Standing Waves
            .99 Standing Waves - Simulation
3B25  Impedence and Dispersion
            .10 Wave Coupling
            .20 Reflection of Waves
            .25 Spring Wave Reflection
            .35 Acoustic Coupling
3B27  Compound Wave
            .15 Wave Superposition
3B30  Wave Properties of Sound
            .30 Siren in Vacuum
            .50 Sound in Helium
            .55 Sound Velocity at Different Temperatures
3B33  Phase and Group Velocity
3B35  Reflection and Refraction
            .60 Refraction of Water Waves
3B39  Transfer of Energy in Waves
3B40  Doppler Effect
            .10 Doppler Effect
3B45  Shock Waves
            .18 F-14 Shock Wave
3B50  Interference and Diffraction
            .10 Single Slit Diffraction of Water Waves
            .25 Double Slit Interference of Water Waves
            .40 Moire Pattern
3B55  Interference and Diffraction of Sound
            .10 Two Speaker Interference
3B60  Beats
            .10 Tuning Fork Beats
            .20 Beats with Speaker and Oscilloscope
3B70  Coupled Resonators