3A10  Pendula
            .14 4:1 Pendula
            .17 Different Mass Pendula
            .30 Torsion Pendulum
            .40 Variable Angle Pendulum
3A15  Physical Pendula
            .20 Physical Pendulum
            .40 Hoops and Arcs
            .50 Center of Percussion
3A20  Springs and Oscillators
            .10 Mass on Spring
            .35 Air Track Simple Harmonic Motion
3A40  Simple Harmonic Motion
            .10 Circular Motion Versus Spring and Weight
            .20 Circular Motion Versus Pendulum
            .41 Tuning Fork with Light
            .65 Phase Shift
3A50  Damped Oscillators
3A60  Driven Mechanical Resonance
            .10 Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse
            .31 Resonant Driven Pendula
            .35 Bowling Ball Pendulum Resonance
            .43 Driven Spring and Weight
            .50 Reed Tachometer
3A70  Coupled Oscillations
            .10 Wilberforce Pendulum
            .27 Coupled Pendula
3A75  Normal Modes
3A80  Lissajous Figures
            .20 Lissajous Figures
3A95  Non-Linear Systems
            .33 Pendulum with Large Amplitude
            .38 Periodic Non-Simple Harmonic Motion
            .70 Pump Pendulum