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Biographical Sketch:

  • B.A. 1956 University of Washington
  • M.A. 1959 Columbia University
  • Ph.D. 1964 Columbia University


Professor Tsuruta is involved with the astrophysics research group in various theoretical problems of high energy, plasma, relativistic, particle and nuclear astrophysics, with particular emphasis on studies of dense matter in neutron stars and ultrahot plasmas around supermassive black holes. Professor Tsuruta's current research includes detailed calculations of neutron star cooling and heating with superfluid particles, pion and kaon condensates, quarks, and strong magnetic fields; implications of the results of these calculations to the problem of detectability of these stars; and construction of viable models of a central power house in active galactic nuclei (AGN). This central engine is considered to be responsible for the enormous amount of energy produced in quasars and strong radio galaxies.

Selected Publications:

  • "Neutron Star Cooling: the Present and the Future", in Neutron Stars and Pulsars (Book), 2009, Sachiko Tsuruta, Astrophysics and Space Science Libruary Vol. 357, Springer Lecture Series (AIP), 2009, pp 289-318
  • "Thermal Evolution of Hyperon-mixed Neutron Stars", Astrophysical Journal, 2009, Vol. 691, pp 621-632, Sachiko Tsuruta, with J. Sadino, A. Kobelski, M. Teter, A. Liebmann, T. Takatsuka, K. Nomoto, and H. Umeda
  • "Early Black Hole Formation by Accretion of Gas and Dark Mater", 2009, JCAP (Journal of Cosmology and Asgtroparticle Physics), Vol.8, p. 24, Sachiko Tsuruta, with H. Umeda, N. Yoshida, K. Nomoto, M. Sasaki, and T. Ohkubo
  • "Evolution of Very Massive Population III: Stars with Mass Accretion from Pre-Main Sequence to Collapse", 2009, Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 706, pp 1184-1193, Sachiko Tsuruta, with T. Ohkubo, K. Nomoto, H. Umeda, N. Yoshida
  • "Constraining the Black Hole Mass Spectra with Gravitational Wave Observations I: Error Kernal", MNRAS (Monthly Nortices of Royal Astronomical Society), 2010, Vol. 401, pp 2706 - 2714), Sachiko Tsuruta, with J.R. Plowman, D.C. Jacobs, R.W. Hellings, and S.L. Larson
  • "Thermal Radiation from Pulsars", 2010, Sachiko Tsuruta, in The Energetic Cosmos: Suzaku to Astro-H, eds K. Makishima, et al. (AIP), p. 166
  • "Constraining the Black Hole Mass Spectra with Gravitational Wave Observations II: Direct Comparison of Detailed Models", 2011, MNRAS (Monthly Nortices of Royal Astronomical Society), Vol. 415, pp 333 - 352), Sachiko Tsuruta, with J.R. Plowman and R.W. Hellings
  • "Analysing the Spectra of the Broad Line Seyfert 1 Galaxy CBS 126", 2012, MNRAS (Monthly Nortices of Royal Astronomical Society), in press, Sachiko Tsuruta, with C.Y. Cheng and A. Fabian
  • "Thermal Evolution of Neutron Stars: Current Status", 2012, Sachiko Tsuruta, in Proceedings of the 9th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics/ASP Conference Series, in press