Yves Idzerda

Email: idzerda@montana.edu
Phone: 406-994-7838
Fax: 406-994-4452
Barnard Hall (EPS) Room 264C, Montana State University, Bozeman MT, 59717-3840, MT

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Selected Honors, Awards, and Public Outreach/Service:

  • Charles and Nora L. Wiley Award for Meritorious Research, Montana State University (2003).
  • Deans’ Award for Meritorious Research, Letters and Science, Montana State University (2004).
  • Cox Family Fund for Excellence Award, Montana State University (2007).
  • Fellow, American Physical Society (2008).

Biographical Sketch:

  • Montana State University; Professor of Physics; 2006 - present.
  • Montana State University; Assoc. Director, CBIN; 2004 - present.
  • Montana State University; Associate Professor of Physics; 2000 - 2006.
  • Naval Research Laboratory; Head, Artificially Structured Materials; 1998 - 2000.
  • Naval Research Laboratory; Research Physicist; 1988 - 1998.

Professional Preparation

  • Washington University, St. Louis, MO.; Physics B.S. (1981).
  • Washington University, St. Louis, MO.; Elec. Eng. B.S. (1981).
  • Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA.; Physics M.S. (1983).
  • Univ. of Maryland, College Park, MD.; Physics Ph.D. (1986).


  • Professor Idzerda is currently interested in the physics of reduced dimensionality systems, especially in their interfacial and nanostructured behavior in the oxide materials including half-metallic ferromagnets, multi-ferroics, and components of solid oxide fuel cells.HIs interests include research on ultra-thin film and interface magnetism of itinerant electron magnetic systems and in novel characterization techniques that have strong magnetic contrast. Part of his research includes magnetic nanoparticles and exploiting polarized X-rays to obtain unique knowledge of the behavior of magnetic thin films and surfaces. Some of his research is performed at the Addvanced Light Source (ALS). 
  • The biophysics interests in Dr Idzerda's group is on the use of protein cages and virus for the encapsulated growth of magnetic nanoparticles for applications in electronics, data storage, imaging agents, and sensors. The work is focused on understanding and utilizing the emergent properties magnetic particles when their dimensionality is reduced to the nanoscale. His group uses soft and hard X-rays from the national synchrotron facilities to investigate these materials.
  • Professor Idzerda is also a part of facility that  is dedicated to the growth and characterization of magnetic films, magnetic particles, and magnetic interfaces with the goal of understanding their intrinsic behavior. A technological example of the utility of such films is in non-volatile magnetic random access memories (MRAM), high density archival storage, and magnetic nano-particle based sensors. Check it out here http://www.physics.montana.edu/eprlab/index.html

Selected Publications:

1.   "Electronic and Magnetic Structure of GaxFe1-x thin Fims"; E. A. Arenholz, G. van der Laan, A. McClure and Y. U. Idzerda; Physical Review B 82, 180405(R) (2010).

2.   "Ferrimagnetic Ordering in Single Crystal Fe1-xZnx Thin Films"; A. McClure, E. Arenholz and Y. U. Idzerda; J. Vac. Sci. Tech. A 28, 969 (2010).

3. "EuO - A Ferromagnetic Semicoonductor with over 90% Spin Polarization Epitaxially Integrated with Silicon", A. Schmehl, R. P. Panguluri, A. Herrnberger, S. Thiel, V. Vaithyanathan, M. Liberati, M. Wagner, T. Heeg, J. Schubert, Y. Idzerda, B. E. Nadgorny, J. Mannhart and D. G. Schlom, Nature 6, 882 (2007). 

4.   "First-principles calculation of precession damping in the itinerant ferromagnets Fe, Co, and Ni", K. Gilmore, Y. U. Idzerda and M. D. Stiles, Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 027204 (2007).

5.   "Chemical Inhomogeneity and Mixed State Ferromagnetism in Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor Co:TiO2", S. Ogale, D. Kundaliya, S. Mehraeen, Lianfeng Fu, S. Zhang, A. Lussier, J. Dvorak, N. Browning, Y. Idzerda and T. Venkatesan, Chem. Mater. 20, 1344 (2008).

6.    "Magnetic Characterization of CoFeB/MgO and CoFe/MgO Interfaces", E. Negusse, A. Lussier, J. Dvorak, Y. U. Idzerda, S. R. Shinde, Y. Nagamine, S. Furukawa, K. Tsunekawa and D. D. Djayaprawira, Appl. Phys. Lett. 90, 092502 (2007). 

Selected Talks:

INVITED talks (including Ivited talks given by students)

1.  "Dopant Site Determination in Fe3O4 nanoparticles"; V. Pool; Montana Tech.; Butte, MT; April 26, 2011.

2.  "Sr out-diffusion and spatially mapped Co valence for operational LSCF Cathodes"; Y. U. Idzerda; 12th Annual SECA Workshop; Pittsburgh, PA; July 26-28, 2011.

3.  "Magnetism in Nanotechnology"; Y. U. Idzerda; Native Youth Preview Day; Montana State University, Bozeman MT; April 1, 2011.

4.  "What's all this fuss about Nanotechnology?"; Y. U. Idzerda; Wunderlust Program; Bozeman, MT; April 13, 2011.

5.  "New Nanotechnology Developments"; Y. U. Idzerda; NanoDays; Bozeman, MT; April 11, 2011.

6.  "Bio-Inspired Materials"; Y. U. Idzerda; 2010 ONR Naval Biosciences Workshop; Alexandria, VA; June 7-10.

7.  "Soft X-ray Synchrotron Studies of Cathode Materials"; Y. U. Idzerda; 11th SECA Workshop on Cathode Degradation; Pittsburgh, PA; July 27-29.

8.  "X-ray Studies of Magnetostrictive Single Crystal Thin Films"; Y. U. Idzerda, A. McClure, E. Arenholz, C. Wolfe, H. Li, C. Key and R. J. Smith; ALS Workshop on Nanomagnetism; Berkeley, CA; Oct. 6, 2009.

9.  "X-ray Studies of Magnetostrictive Single Crystal Thin Films"; Y. U. Idzerda; SSRL Workshop on Nanoscale Imaging; Stanford, CA; October 18-21.

Academic Responsibilities:

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