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Kenji Uchino's photostriction-powered walking device.

There are, potentially, many uses for the knowledge gained through photostrictive research. Although, the theory of photostriction is still new and a lot is unknown about the processes behind it.

Some examples, however, are that of photo-actuators, photo-acoustics, light-source chasing devices, remote controls in high vacuums, space structures, and in instances of electric voltage isolation.


Photo-driven relay


Photostriction can be used to develop photo-actuators for use in power plants and other commercial and scientific areas.


Photo-phone Concept


Photostriction can be used in the field lasers and fiber optics.  It is possible to transmit voice data through these mediums and be able to decode it back into audible sounds.

Light-source Chasing

light source chasing

Possible light following device

Photostriction can be used to develop devices that would follow light sources.  This technology could be used in numerous fields of space science.

Remote Controls In Vacuums


Transparent vacuum chambers

Photostriction can be developed into remote controls with no wires or electric leads.  This could be especially beneficial for use with vacuums, eliminating the need to break the seal in any way to insert wires and such to equipment inside.  The equipment can simple be controlled through the transparent barrier.