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  These pages have been provided to allow MSU Physics Faculty to conveniently browse our lecture and video demonstration collections.  The pages are continuously under development, so if you have any questions please contact me as noted below.  To order, try out or preview any demonstration please contact me by:
  • phone at x6161 (leave voicemail message if I'm out)
  • e-mail at:
  • a note in my mailbox
    ( When ordering a demonstration, please specify the name and number).

Both the apparatus and videos have been organized into general Categories.  When you choose a Category, you will be presented with a list of Topics.  Select the Topic you will be covering in class to see a list of all Demonstrations available under that Topic.  Then select a Demonstration to see photos and a brief description of it.  The meter stick used as a reference scale in the apparatus photos is marked in cm.  Just click on the appropriate picture above when you are ready to start.






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