5H10  Magnetic Fields
            .11 Compass and Magnet
            .11 Large Compass Needle
            .15 Dip Needle
            .20 Oersted's Effect
            .23 Oersted's Effect on Vertical Wire
            .30 Magnet and Iron Filings on OHP
            .31 Magnetic Field Observation Box
            .35 Magnetic Viewer Film
5H15  Fields and Currents
            .05 Large Hoops
            .11 Magnetic Field Around a Wire
            .14 Wire Loop and Compass
            .40 Solenoid and Compass
5H20  Forces on Magnets
            .10 Magnet on Pivot
            .22 Levitron
            .2x Revolution Levitating Magnet
5H25  Magnet/Electromagnet Interaction
            .10 Solenoid Bar Magnet
            .20 Jumping Magnet
            .25 Force on Solenoid Core
            .30 Magnetic Force Apparatus
5H30  Force on Moving Charges
            .15 Deflected Electron Beam
            .20 E/M Tube
            .xx Demonstration CRT
5H40  Force on Current in Wires
            .10 Parallel Wires
            .23 Flicker Bulb
            .30 Jumping Wire
            .38 Homemade Speaker
            .41 Wire in B-Field with Ammeter
5H50  Torque on Coils
            .21 Coil in Magnetic Field