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First meeting

News and Events
Hey folks! It's time for a new year and we're getting things kicked off. We have several events in the making including a booksale, a liquid nitrogen ice cream party, and a Homebrew and Chili Cookoff Competition. So stay posted for updates! Our new co-presidents are Russell Ricker and Courtney Peck, and our new secretary is William Dupree. Positions are still open for a treasurer, an undergraduate representative, and a webmaster.

About Us
Our main goal is to provide a wide variety of activities of interest and benefit to the Physics students at MSU. Housed in EPS 250, SPS is actively working in the Physics department to provide anyone interested in Physics with opportunities, information, and social events that are unique to the Physics community. We welcome anyone interested in Physics to attend one of our meetings.
Meeting Updates
Our second meeting is 6:10 pm on September 15th, 2011, in the second floor EPS atrium. At our first meeting Kyle Schneider was elected Treasurer, Ginny Price was elected Webmaster, Kaitlin Poole and Derek Conder were elected Policy and Personnel Committee Reps, Elizabeth Rogers and Warren Colomb were elected Computing Committee Reps, Jacob Simon and David Walsh were elected to the Undergraduate Committee Reps, and Jordan Maxwell and Anita Ratcliff were elected the Undergraduate Recruiting Committee Reps.