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Montana State University
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Tel: (406) 994-3614
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Location: EPS building, Room 264

Department Head:
Prof. Yves Idzerda

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Information Technology

The departments IT systems and infrastructure supports a diverse range of user requirements. Windows, Mac and Linux based computers create a heterogeneous environment, where system integration is achieved by utilizing some of the more specialized software tools.
Our secure server room is home to Linux and Microsoft based systems which support the departments research programs, provide high performance computing (HPC) capabilities, a computational grid system using Wolfram Mathematica, and other core services such as websites and email.

The department computing lab in EPS 255 caters for the needs of undergraduate and graduate students by offering dual boot computers running Windows and Ubuntu Linux with numerous software packages installed, some of which are not available on other campus computer lab computers. Students also have free access to the computing lab printer.

Student response technology, also known as clicker technology, is widely used in the physics classrooms as an effective tool to enhance student learning and participation in class.

Clickers enhance student learning

To meet the needs of our researchers and graduate students, an extensive list of licensed software is available. More details on software can be found here.

The Physics main office provides black and color printing, scanning and photocopying capabilities for faculty and graduate students.

Close liaison is maintained with other campus IT stakeholders to leverage services provided by them, to ensure systems and networks are functional and secure, and to ensure and MUS IT policies are implemented. More information on some of these stakeholders can be found below:

For more information on any of the above please contact the Information Technology Manager

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