Lecture-Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy

Lecture-Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy was developed by Jeff Adams, Ed Prather, Tim Slater, and the Conceptual Astronomy and Physics Education Research (CAPER) Team at Montana State University and the University of Arizona with generous support from the National Science Foundation (NSF CCLI #9952232 and NSF Geosciences Education #9907755).  Gina Brissenden provided initial project definition, management, and graphical layout efforts. Jack Dostal and Larry Watson assisted directly in writing activities.  Numerous other individuals contributed to this project through critical assessment and the national field-testing of the materials.  These individuals include Chija Skala Bauer, Tom Brown, Dave Bruning, Beth Hufnagel, Lauren Jones, Janet Landato, Ed Murphy, and Erika Offerdahl.  Particularly noteworthy were the extensive reviews by Steve Shawl and Janelle Bailey that continually kept us on our toes.  In addition we must thank Christian Botting who helped us with day-to-day publication issues and Alison Reeves who repeatedly encouraged us to continue and helped us frame the initial ideas for this work.  Most importantly, we wish to express our appreciation to our students who patiently endured early versions of these tutorials and unselfishly provided extensive feedback.  The first edition of this work has now been published by Prentice Hall (ISBN 0-147997-0) as an activity book to be purchased by students .

A companion Instructors's Guide was developed with the additional help of Daniel J. Loranz, which is available  at the Prentice Hall website http://www.prenhall.com/tiponline/.  A file containing a full table of contents and four sample Lecture-Tutorials is available for download.

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