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Electrical Engineering Professor David Dickensheets, left, and student Erwin Dunbar

September 17, 2015 -- By Sepp Jannotta, MSU News Service

The National Science Foundation has awarded $3 million for the creation of a new nanotechnology center at Montana State University.

MOSES-2 sounding rocket

August 24, 2015 -- MSU News Service

MSUs experiment will give researchers insight into one of the biggest mysteries in solar physicsthe fact the sun's atmosphere is some 1,000 times hotter than its surface.

MSU doctoral student Alayna Caffrey. MSU photo by Kelly Gorham.

August 14, 2015 -- MSU News Service

MSU's research enterprise closed out another strong year with a long list of scientific discoveries, new partnerships and major accomplishments in the fields of biomedicine and health, engineering, agriculture and the environment.


August 3, 2015 -- MSU News Service

Award-winning astrophysicist and author Janna Levin will present a free public lecture, From the Big Bang to Black Holes: Time, the Universe, and Everything, at 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 20, at the Museum of the Rockies Hager Auditorium.

Sachiko Tsuruta

June 3, 2015 -- By Evelyn Boswell, MSU News Service

MSU astrophysicist Sachiko Tsuruta will receive the Marcel Grossmann Prize in Rome in July.

Spring 2014 commencement

May 4, 2015

MSU announces candidates for commencement at the Spring 2015 ceremony, set May 9. Approximately 1,871students, including graduates and undergraduates, are candidates for degrees.


April 24, 2015

Faculty, staff and students were honored at the awards ceremony held on April 23.


April 23, 2015 -- MSU News Service

MSU and the Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate recently signed an agreement for expanded space research collaboration.

solar flares

April 7, 2015 -- By Evelyn Boswell, MSU News Service

The sun has seasons, a new discovery that could help scientists understand the Earths climate and do a better job of predicting space weather, according to an MSU solar physicist who was part of a team that just published its findings.

Image for Cornish team

March 30, 2015 -- MSU News Service

MSU is part of a national network that just received $14.5 million to create and operate a center for detecting gravitational waves, an achievement expected to offer radical new insights about the universe.

Nico Yunes

March 24, 2015 -- By Evelyn Boswell, MSU News Service

An MSU astrophysicist who investigates some of the biggest mysteries in the universe has won the worlds most prestigious award for young scientists conducting gravitational research.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

March 5, 2015 -- MSU News Service

Astrophysicist, author and science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson visited Montana State University on March 4. Before his lecture, he briefly answered a few questions.


February 27, 2015 -- MSU News Service

The MSU Leadership Institute and Department of Physics have prepared a list of online resources for people who want to learn more about research topics related to Neil deGrasse Tysons public talk in Bozeman on March 4.


January 27, 2015 -- By Evelyn Boswell, MSU News Service

Two more satellites built by MSU students and their collaborators have launched on a NASA mission. About 75 minutes later, MSU students and faculty were featured on NASA TV.


January 26, 2015 -- Tanya Reinhardt, MSU News Service

Over the years S2 Corporation in Bozeman has provided $5 million for research efforts at Montana State University, which makes the company the universitys largest private sector sponsor.