The list of papers below is an (incomplete) cross-section of the literature that Prof. Cornish and Prof. Yunes have found useful in research over the years. We list these papers here for graduate students to have easy access to them. We will pick papers from this list when selecting student research presentations for group meetings. The date each paper was last presented as well as the presenter are shown below each paper, if applicable. A chronological list of these presentations can be found at the bottom of this page.

Gravitational Wave Detections

Gravitational Wave Theory

General Relativity

Modified Gravity Theories

Tests of General Relativity

Gravitational Wave Astrophysics

  • An Overview of gravitational wave sources. Cutler and Thorne. To appear in the proceedings of Conference: C01-07-15
  • Prospects for Localization of Gravitational Wave Transients by the Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo Observatories. LIGO Scientific and Virgo Collaborations (Aasi, J. et al.
  • Predictions for the Rates of Compact Binary Coalescences Observable by Ground-based Gravitational-wave Detectors. LIGO Scientific and Virgo Collaborations (Aasi, J. et al.
    • 11/22/2013 - Logan O'Beirne

Post-Newtonian Theory

Black Hole Perturbation Theory

Other Approximation Schemes

Extreme Mass-Ratio Inspirals

Initial Data

Neutron Stars


  • TASI Lectures on Inflation. Baumann. Proceedings of the Theoretical Advanced Study Institute in Elementary Particle Physics (2009).
    • 11/2/2015 - Nicolas Yunes
  • The Primordial Density Perturbation: Cosmology, Inflation, and the Origin of Structure. Lyth and Liddle. Cambridge University Press (2009).
    • 11/2/2015 - Nicolas Yunes
  • Theory of cosmological perturbations. Mukhanov, Feldman, and Brandenberger. Physics Reports 215 (1992).
    • 11/2/2015 - Nicolas Yunes

Data Analysis

Pulsar Timing Arrays

Other Topics


Date Presenter Paper
11/13/2012 Shine Roshan Global Structure of the Kerr Family of Gravitational Fields
12/4/2012 Katerina Chatziioannou Perturbations of a Rotating Black Hole I
2/5/2013 Laura Sampson Theoretical Frameworks for Testing Relativistic Gravity I
3/1/2013 Margaret Millhouse Stability of a Schwarzschild Singularity
9/27/2013 Margaret Millhouse Pulsar Timing Measurements and the Search for Gravitational Waves
10/11/2013 Alexander Saffer Upper Limits on the Isotropic Gravitational Radiation Background from Pulsar Timing Analysis
10/25/2013 Nicholas Loutrel Gravitational Radiation in the Limit of High Frequency I and II
11/8/2013 Dimitry Ayzenebrg The Gravitational Equations and the Problem of Motion
11/22/2013 Logan O'Beirne Predictions for the Rates of Compact Binary Coalescences Observable by Ground-based Gravitational-wave Detectors
1/28/2014 Alexander Saffer Gravitational Radiation from Point Masses in a Keplerian Orbit
2/25/2014 Devin Hansen Gravitational Waves from Merging Compact Binaries
3/25/2014 Sourav Sen Choudhury The Formal Foundation of the General Theory of Relativity
9/16/2014 Dimitry Ayzenberg Astrophysics of Black Holes
9/30/2014 Margaret Millhouse On Continued Gravitational Contraction
1/27/2015 Nicholas Loutrel Gravitational-Wave Observations as a Tool for Testing Relativistic Gravity
3/3/2015 Katerina Chatziioannou Gravitational radiation from a particle in circular orbit around a black hole 1: Analytical results for the nonrotating case
3/24/2015 David Anderson Scalar-Tensor Theories
10/5/2015 Logan O'Beirne Secular instability of rotating Newtonian Stars & Gravitational waves from hot young rapidly rotating neutron stars
10/19/2015 Andrew Sullivan Slowly Rotating Relativistic Stars. I. Equations of Structure
11/2/2015 Nicolas Yunes Quantum Fluctuations And The Observed Classical Universe
2/2/2016 Katerina Chatziioannou Quasinormal modes of black holes and black branes
2/16/2016 Katerina Chatziioannou Colliding black holes: The close limit
3/1/2016 Dimitry Ayzenberg Deformations of Accreting Neutron Star Crusts and Gravitational Wave Emission
3/22/2016 Andrew Sullivan Dynamical horizons and their properties
9/8/2016 Alexander Saffer Gravitational Radiation in the Limit of High Frequency I & II
9/29/2016 David Anderson FLRW metric & Cosmology
10/13/2016 Margaret Millhouse GW150914 Detection and Parameter Estimation
10/27/2016 Nicolas Yunes Parametrized Post-Einsteinian Framework
11/10/2016 Cody Brown General relativistic celestial mechanics of binary systems
2/1/2017 Dimitry Ayzenberg Bondi-Sachs Mass
3/8/2017 Logan O'Beirne LISA and the Hellings and Downs curve
3/22/2017 Nicholas Loutrel Stationary Phase Approximation