7B10  Spectra
            .10 Emission Spectra
7B11  Absorption
            .17 Flame Salts
            .25 Spectral Absorption by Sodium Vapor
7B13  Resonance Radiation
            .05 Triboluminescence
            .50 Fluorescence
            .55 Luminescence
            .59 Bioluminescence
7B20  Fine Splitting
7B30  Ionization Potential
            .20 Franck-Hertz Effect
7B35  Electron Properties
            .10 Discharge Tube and Vacuum Pump
            .40 Electron Discharge Tube with Cross
            .50 Electron Discharge Tube with Wheel
            .75 Plasma Tube
7B50  Atomic Models
            .15 3D Wave Function Visualization
            .50 Periodic Chart