4B10  Heat Capacity and Specific Heat
            .10 Specific Heat
            .30 Specific Heat with Rods and Wax
4B20  Convection
            .40 Convection Currents
4B30  Conduction
            .12 Thermal Conductivity
4B40  Radiation
            .10 Heat Focusing
            .30 Radiation Cube
            .40 Two Can Radiation
4B50  Heat Transfer Applications
            .10 Insulation (Dewar Flasks)
            .20 Boiling Water in a Paper Cup
            .25 Water Balloon Heat Capacity
            .30 Leidenfrost Phenomenon
4B60  Mechanical Equivalent of Heat
            .11 Mechanical Equivalent of Heat
            .55 Drill and Dowel
            .70 Cork Popper
4B70  Adiabatic Processes
            .10 Fire Syringe
            .25 Adiabatic Expansion