1D10  Displacement in Two Dimensions
            .10 Velocity Vector Addition
            .20 Cycloid Generator
1D15  Velocity, Position, and Acceleration
            .41 Sliding Weights on Triangle
1D40  Motion of the Center of Mass
            .11 Center of Mass Disc
            .22 Air Table Center of Mass
1D50  Central Forces
            .20 Ball on Cord
            .26 Plane on String
            .30 Roundup
            .30 Carnival Ride
            .40 Whirling Bucket of Water
            .45 Coin on Coat Hanger
            .70 Spinning Chain
1D52  Deformation by Central Forces
            .10 Centrifuge Hoops
            .20 Paraboloid of Revolution
            .21 Rotating Water Troughs
            .35 Water and Mercury Centrifuge
            .61 Rotating Rubber Wheel
1D55  Centrifugal Escape
            .10 Circle with Gap
            .23 Spinning Disc with Water
            .30 Rotating Disc with Erasers
1D60  Projectile Motion
            .10 Vertical Gun on Car
            .16 Vertical Gun on Accelerated Car
            .20 Shooter/Dropper
            .30 Monkey Gun
            .40 Range Gun
            .55 Air Table Parabolas