9B10  Timers
            .10 Timers
9B15  Position and Velocity Detectors
            .xx Photogate Timer
9B17  Sources of Sound
9B20  Circuit Components
            .10 Resistors
            .20 Capacitors
            .30 Inductors
            .50 Switches
9B25  Cables
            .10 Cables
9B30  Function Generators
            .xx Digital Function Generator
            .xx Analog Function Generator
9B35  Meters
            .xx Demonstration Galvanometer
            .xx Demonstration Digital Multi-Meter
            .xx Electrostatic Voltmeter
            .xx OHP Meter
9B37  Oscilloscopes
            .xx Oscilloscope
9B40  Advanced Instruments
            .xx Fourier Synthesizer
            .xx Spectrum Analyzer
            .xx Waveform Analyzer
9B50  Power Supplies
            .10 Extension Cords
            .20 Variac
            .30 Car Battery
            .40 Low DC Supply
            .50 High DC Supply
9B60  Light Sources
            .10 Arc Lamp
            .20 Point Sources
            .30 Strobe Light
            .40 Fluorescent
            .45 Blacklight
            .50 Incandescent
9B61  Light Paths Made Visible
9B62  Lasers
9B65  Microwave Apparatus
9B90  Computer Interface