5A10  Producing Static Charge
            .10 Rods and Cloths
            .1x Balloon on the Wall
            .20 Electrophorus
            .37 Electrostatic Rod and Cloth
5A20  Coulomb's Law
            .05 Test Charges
            .10 Rods and Pivot
            .20 Pith Balls
            .29 Charged Balloons
5A22  Electrostatic Meters
            .22 Electroscope
5A30  Conductors and Insulators
5A40  Induced Charge
            .10 Charging by Induction
            .20 Can Attracted to Charged Rod
            .30 Conductivity of a Board
5A50  Electrostatic Machines
            .10 Wimshurst Machine
            .30 Van de Graaff
            .5x Static Eliminator