• Version 1
  • LO drips directly into the gap between 2 magnets.
  • Poles should be ~0.75 cm apart.
  • A video camera may be needed in a large classroom.

       (mount cup on an aluminum stand with strap clamp)
       (use 13 x 26 cm black background)

  • Closeup of LO bridge between magnet poles.
  • Best results are obtained with can close to magnets, the can filled with LN, and LO stream next to one of the poles.

        (LO is corrosive to an uncoated NIB)

  • Version 2
  • Pour LN into the can.
  • LO condenses on the outside of the can and drips into the test tube.

  • Use only a few drops of LO for best results. If you use more, condensation forms too quickly.
  • Swing the can back when there is enough LO in the test tube.