5C10  Capacitors
            .10 Sample Capacitors
            .11 Dissected Capacitors
            .12 Capacitor Model
            .14 Charge a Capacitor
            .20 Parallel Plate Capacitor and Electroscope
            .25 Capacitance Meter
            .34 Series Capacitor with Parallel Plate Capacitor
            .45 Current Flow in a Variable Capacitor
5C20  Dielectric
            .10 Capacitor with Dielectrics
            .30 Dissectible Capacitor
5C30  Energy Stored in a Capacitor
            .10 Leyden Jars
            .11 Homemade Leyden Jar
            .20 Short a Capacitor
            .25 Capacitor Heats Resistor
            .30 Light a Bulb with a Capacitor