4B10  Heat Capacity and Specific Heat
4B20  Convection
4B30  Conduction
            .11 Conduction - Melting Wax
            .30 Copper and Steel Rods
            .35 Tongue on Flagpole
4B40  Radiation
            .10 Light the Match
            .11 Radiation Detector
            .55 Black and White Bulbs
4B50  Heat Transfer Applications
            .20 Boil Water in Paper Cup
            .21 Paper on Metal Tube
            .30 Leidenfrost Effect
4B60  Mechanical Equivalent of Heat
            .41 Heating by Bending
            .55 Drill and Dowel
4B70  Adiabatic Processes
            .10 Fire Syringe
            .30 Adiabatic Heating and Cooling
            .32 Fizz Keeper