• A series of long rods attached to a flexible spine mimic wave motion when the end rod is moved in a vertical direction.
  • Please limit wave size to prevent damage to the apparatus.
  • Orange dayglow paint on the rod ends glows when used with a blacklight (turn room lights off) to help students focus on the motion of the rod ends.
  • Use the stick to damp wave motion when starting over.

  • Typical wave seen under blacklight illumination.

        (do not leave this apparatus unattended)

  • A second section with shorter rods has a higher velocity of propagation.
  • When connected to the first section, a reflection occurs at the boundary.

  • Other accessories include:
    • a transition section to eliminate reflections between the first and second sections
    • an alligator clip clamp to rigidly hold one end of a section
    • clamps to connect sections together
    • a viscous (water filled) damping cylinder
    • white gloves to use with the blacklight