1D10  Displacement in Two Dimensions
            .40 Mounted Wheel
            .60 Measuring Angular Velocity
1D15  Velocity, Position, and Acceleration
1D40  Motion of the Center of Mass
            .10 Weighted/Unweighted Balls
            .14 Center of Mass Balls
            .35 Earth-Moon System
            .55 Airtrack Inchworm
1D50  Central Forces
            .10 Ball on a String
            .25 Conical Pendulum
            .40 Pail of Water
            .45 Penny on a Coathanger
1D52  Deformation by Central Forces
            .10 Flattening Earth
            .39 Plumb Bob in Rotating System
1D55  Centrifugal Escape
            .10 Broken Ring
            .31 Two Masses on a Merry-Go-Round
1D60  Projectile Motion
            .10 Vertical Gun on Car
            .20 Simultaneous Fall - 2 Washers
            .20 Simultaneous Fall - Shooter Dropper
            .30 Monkey and Hunter
            .40 Range of a Gun