• Shoot a ball horizontally, measure the distance it travels and calculate its initial velocity.
  • Place the ball catch box ~4 m away.

       (mount spring gun on side of short, tall cart.)
       (hold tarp in box with binder clips)

  • Shoot the ball vertically, mark the highest point and calculate its initial velocity.
  • Compare to above result.

       (mount 1.7 m ruler to clamping stand)

  • Shoot a brass ball into a wooden target block, note how far the block travels.
  • The block must be placed at the point where the ball leaves the shaft.
  • Aim carefully, check the alignment of the track.
       (elevate track with a 2 x 4 and a 1/4" masonite piece at each end)
       (position end of track 16 cm from end of table)

  • Use a force probe to determine the frictional force on the block with the ball inside.
  • A graph of force vs time can be displayed on the big screen via the interface box.
  • For best results, pull the force probe slowly.
  • Calculate the initial velocity of the ball.  Compare to above results.

         (LoggerPro software must be installed on classroom computer, use 10N Dual Range.mbl)
         (zero force sensor before using)