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Colloquium Schedule - Fall 2010, Spring 2011

Friday, 4:10-5pm, 108 EPS



Research Area



September 3 Dr Joe Shaw, MSU   "Observing Optics in Nature from Your Airplane Window (and an update on optical aurora detectors)"  
September 10 Dr. Anna Malanushenko, Physics Department, MSU Solar Physics "A Twisted Tale: The Sun's Coronal Magnetic Field" Dana Longcope
September 17
Frances Hellman, University of California, Berkeley   Spin Electronics: Magnetic Moments and Amorphous Semiconductors John Neumeier
September 24 Dr. Anne Verbiscer, University of Virginia   Exploring Enceladus:  Saturn's Active Icy Moon Michael Freed
October 1        
October 8 Prof. Patrick Lenahan, PennState University Solid State Physics Electrically Detected Electron Paramagnetic Resonance: Energy Resolved Spin Dependent Trap Assisted Tunneling and Spin Dependent Recombination in Very Small Devices Galina Malovichko
October 15 Dan Werthimer, University of California, Berkeley   IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? The Search for ET with help from Eight Million Volunteers Bennett Link
October 22 Prof. Merav Opher, George Mason University   Plasma Effects in the Interaction of the Solar System with the Interstellar Medium Charles Kankelborg
October 29      
November 5 Piet Martens, MSU Physics   Computer Vision for the Solar Dynamics Observatory Dana Longcope
November 12        
November 19 Keigo Fukumura, NASA GSFC   UV/X-ray Absorbers with Photoionized MHD Accretion-Disk Winds Sachiko Tsuruta
November 26 Thanksgiving      
December 3        
December 10        
January 14      
January 21        
January 28 Seungbum Kim, NASA JPL   Microwave observations of soil moisture and ocean salinity at L-band Dana Longcope
February 4 Matthias Graf, LANL Condensed Matter Is Helium-4 a supersolid or quantum glass? Anton Vorontsov
February 11 Barbara Emery, HAO/NCAR   The Auroral Story Dave Klumpar
February 18        
February 25        
March 4 Prof. Yury Gogotsi, Drexel University, Director of Nano Materials Center. Solid State Physics Carbons Nanomaterials for Energy Related Applications Galina Malovichko
March 11        
March 25 Dave Klumpar, Director SSEL, MSU Physics   T.B.A. Dave Klumpar
April 1 Richard Arnold, NASA Astronaut   Teacher in Space Angela Des Jardins
April 8 Brian Bauman, Lawrence Livermore National Lab   T.B.A. Christy Dunn
April 15 Kanani Lee, Yale University, Dept. of Geology & Geophysics

  Diamond anvil cell high-pressure materials studies to simulate conditions deep in the Earth Hugo Schmidt
April 22 University Day      
April 29 Dana Longcope, MSU Physics   Magnetic Reconnection: How it works and what ions & electrons do when it happens Dana Longcope



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